Nena Sanchez, Curacao acclaimed artist, was born in Curacao, a Dutch Caribbean Island.

Nena2Since early childhood she showed an artistic inclination that developed through her teen years. When she was 18 years old, she decided to participate in an art contest organized by the Cultural and Art Department of the island. Many local artists competed and 12 paintings would be chosen to participate in an exhibition that would travel to Mexico. Nena’s portrait of a native old man drawn in charcoal on paper was among the 12 chosen paintings. This sure was an encouraging achievement.

In 1966 Nena’s life took a different turn. Nena entered the local beauty contest and became Miss Curacao and then participated in the Miss Universe pageant and was chosen Miss Amity. During this phase of her life she spent several years in Venezuela and was able to complete a degree in Interior Decorator. During this period of her life, her artistic talent lay dormant.

In 1994, after 25 years abroad, she went back to her native island. She was again surrounded by the beautiful bright colors of the Caribbean blue skies and turquoise waters, which filled her with inspiration. Wonderful tropical flowers, cottage, cactus, banana and palm trees, all served as living models for her paintings. The beauty and sunlight that she sees every day, have become her source of inspiration and have marked her love for the bright colors that are the base of a very personal creation and unique style which has become her trademark. Her paintings of Dutch Caribbean scenery with fascinating bright colors in a figurative style, have a joyful personality of their own and are a delight to the eyes. Nena did not study under great masters. She is instead an autodidact that taught herself the skills of painting by experimenting with acrylic on different materials such as wood canvas and paper. She focus on the Caribbean scenery and its fascinating bright colors as a primary subject to produce commercial as well as fine art.

Since 1998, she has been publishing her own painting. She has Giclees (reproductions ) also a line of art cards, mini prints and posters, collected by many. Today her paintings are found in private collections in Europe, Canada, North and South America, Asia and the Netherland Antilles.

You will find her artworks on murals around the island and in other countries, hotels, corporations and private homes. Her artwork is also used to promote the island in international magazines and travel TV shows abroad.

“Painting to me is a joy, a challenge and fulfillment. It’s my way to convey my feelings into the life of others. I am happy person and I express my happiness through the beautiful bright color of my work.” -Nena Sanchez.